Hand Dyed Yarn "Whole Grain" Brown Tawny Copper Ecru Caramel Chestnut Speckled Silk Linen Heavy Lace 756yds 115g

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SILKYFLAX Lace: Approximately 115g/756 yds Tussah silk/linen, 2 ply lace yarn.

These were dyed using speckling only in a wet, very crowded pot, so there is a lot of bleed-through and smudged speckles. I used dark brown, copper brown, tawny brown and caramel. There is a lot of bleed-through. The hanks were not twisted so coverage is somewhat random. Please alternate if using more than one. Note that other bases are pictured to show variations.

This is a light, airy yarn with a gentle silk sheen and a bit of linen “toothiness”. The yarn has a slightly rustic feel and there is the occasional slub in the spin. It has a soft, matte hand and lovely drape and will open up nicely in lace with blocking though it lacks any elasticity or memory. It would be lovely in a summer tank or tee, or a laceweight cardi (be sure to swatch for any fitted knits to account for the linen content). It would be stellar in a summer weight shawl!

Some colours may appear just a little heathered or washed out due to the dye not striking on the linen.

Please be gentle when caking this yarn and hand wash in cool water then air dry flat to maintain optimum colour and texture.