Hand Dyed Yarn "Shark Attack in the Blue Lagoon" Blue Teal Turquoise Aqua Pink Vermillion Speckled Polwarth DK SW 246yds 100g

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POLLY DK: Approximately 100g/246 yards superwash Polwarth wool. This is DK weight yarn; a fine, strong four-ply base.

These were kettle-dyed a variegated blue-turquoise base with a lot of lime green, then speckled and spotted with bordeaux and vermillion and a few spots of black. Note that this is a highly variegated colourway and each hank is slightly different, as is each batch of this colourway. Note that a fingering base is pictured but reasonably represents the colourway.

Polwarth is a breed of sheep that is 75% Merino crossed with Lincoln. This is a lustrous, soft, sturdy yarn, shiny and slightly "crisp". It drinks up colour in the dyepot! A lot of smoosh with a bit of extra sheen, this is a great all-purpose DK base. It is not as soft as Merino and a little more toothy. From shawls and winter accessories to sweaters and baby blankets - take your pick - they all are perfectly suited.

While this is superwash, I recommend hand washing and drying flat to maintain maximum gorgeousness.