Hand Dyed Yarn "Plush" Purple Plum Brown Gold Black Grey Puce Bluefaced Leicester Lace Superwash 875yds 100g

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BLUEBELLE Lace: Approximately 100g/875 yards superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool. This is lace weight yarn on a two-ply base.

These were kettle-dyed a tonal plum purple then washed with brown, then grey and finished with a mustard/gold glaze. BFL likes colour and strikes fast, the colours are a little more mottled and variegated rather than blended on this base.

This is a lovely, sturdy base. It is distinctly BFL in that it is a bit “crisp” though it is soft and even a little plump with a slightly airy spin. This allows for a fuller fabric if desired in a non-lace piece but also for well defined lace stitches with an aggressive blocking.

While this is superwash, I recommend hand washing and drying flat to maintain optimum colour and texture.