Hand Dyed Yarn "Hullabaloo" Purple Mauve Violet Red Gold Green Brown Ochre Speckled Bluefaced Leicester Lace Superwash 875yds 100g

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BLUEBELLE Lace: Approximately 100g/875 yards superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool. This is lace weight yarn on a two-ply base.

These were kettle-dyed a medium purple then speckled with copper-brown, gold, rust, dark green, scarlet, red and a little lime. The hanks are not twisted prior to speckling so coverage is more random. This is a highly variegated colourway and each hank is slightly different. While all hanks share the same colours, each is unique so please alternate hanks if using more than one. These more randomly dyed colourways vary from batch to batch and from hank to hank within a batch. BFL likes colour and strikes fast, the colours are a little more mottled and variegated rather than blended on this base.

This is a lovely, sturdy base. It is distinctly BFL in that it is a bit “crisp” though it is soft and even a little plump with a slightly airy spin. This allows for a fuller fabric if desired in a non-lace piece but also for well defined lace stitches with an aggressive blocking.

While this is superwash, I recommend hand washing and drying flat to maintain optimum colour and texture.