Hand Dyed Yarn "Pheasant Plucker" Green Grey Spruce Red Caramel Brown Gold Speckled Merino Silk Lace Yarn Superwash 875yds 100g

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MERIBELLA 75/25 LACE: Approximately 100g/875 yards 75/25 superwash Merino wool/silk. This is a 2-ply laceweight yarn.

These were kettle-dyed a grey-green then speckled with copper-brown, gold, avocado, dark green, scarlet and a little yellow. The hanks are not twisted prior to speckling so coverage is random. This is a highly variegated colourway and each hank is slightly different. These more randomly dyed colourways vary from batch to batch and from hank to hank within a batch.

Soft, slinky and gorgeous! Merino and mulberry silk combined for a beautiful lacy base; with a sheen to die for, good stitch definition, nice block-ability and a fine, soft hand, it's got it all.

Despite its superwash designation, please hand wash in cool water and air dry flat to maintain optimum colour and texture.