Hand Dyed Yarn “Grace, Too” Purple Plum Green Red Brown Pink Maroon Wine Khaki Speckled Merino Nylon DK SW 248yds 100g

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MERYLON 75/25 DK: Approximately 100g/248 yards 75/25 superwash Merino wool/nylon. This is a 4-ply DK weight yarn.

These were kettle-dyed using consecutive washes of chartreuse, maroon, purple, brown and green. There are a very small amount of brown, pink and green speckles. It’s a difficult colour to pin down - it’s predominantly purple but it’s green, red and brown, too... Note that this is a tonal/variegated colourway and each hank is slightly different.

This is a great all-purpose DK weight merino and nylon blend; a plumped-up version of the Merylon 75/25 sock base. It is soft, lofty and smooshy with a nice twist, generous yardage, and with the nylon, will be durable. This would be perfect for winter accessories, bulky socks, sweaters, baby wear or a large shawl or cape.

While this is superwash, I recommend hand washing and drying flat to maintain optimum colour and texture.