Hand Dyed Yarn "Glacial" Turquoise Teal Violet Blue Brown Tan Caramel Speckled Merino Nylon DK Superwash 248yds 100g

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MERYLON 75/25 DK: Approximately 100g/248 yards 75/25 superwash Merino wool/nylon. This is a 4-ply DK weight yarn.

These were kettle-dyed a mottled tonal medium caramel-brown and speckled with cobalt, teal, turquoise, violet and a tiny bit of lime green. The hanks are not twisted prior to speckling so coverage is more random. They are highly variegated and should be alternated if more than one is used. These more randomly dyed colourways vary from batch to batch and from hank to hank within a batch. (Note the fingering version is shown but is a true representation of the colourway).

This is a great all-purpose DK weight merino and nylon blend; a plumped-up version of the Merylon 75/25 sock base. It is soft, lofty and smooshy with a nice twist, generous yardage, and with the nylon, will be durable. This would be perfect for winter accessories, bulky socks, sweaters, baby wear or a large shawl or cape.

While this is superwash, I recommend hand washing and drying flat to maintain optimum colour and texture.