Hand Dyed Yarn "Funny Honey (Dark)" Gold Tan Yellow Brown Turquoise Violet Blue Speckled Kid Mohair Silk Laceweight 465yds 50g

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KIDMO SILK LACE: Approximately 50g/465 yards 70/30 kid mohair/silk. This is a 2-ply laceweight yarn.

These were kettle-dyed a mottled tonal pale golden caramel and speckled with gold, copper, rust, turquoise, violet and navy. The hanks are not twisted prior to speckling so coverage is more random. This is a variegated colourway and though the hanks all share the same colours, each is unique. NOTE: This batch has a lot of “funny” as it’s very dark with brown and blue. Got carried away!

Silky, hazy, strong, soft, warm! Kid mohair at its loveliest - use this held together with another base for a silky halo or by itself as an accent for interesting contrast in your work. Either way, it's a luxurious blend and a joy to knit (and pet!).

While this base readily sucks up dye, its texture doesn't allow for distinct speckling, so colourways are more mottled or variegated. Also, mohair does not gain much size with blocking so please keep that in mind when planning your project.

For a long, gorgeous life gently hand wash your garment in tepid water, shape a little while wet and lay flat to dry.