Hand Dyed Silk Shawl/Wrap/Scarf "Up to No Good (#3)" Silver Grey Taupe Brown Gold Purple Pink Violet Yellow Red Rust Copper Mulberry Silk Shawl 36” x 100” 94cm x 250cm

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Silk Shawl/Wrap/Scarf: Approximately 36” x 100” / 94cm x 250cm fine mulberry silk handwoven tasseled shawl/wrap, hand dyed. This is quite large and can be worn as a shawl or a bunched-up scarf.

This was kettle-dyed using the same colours as Up to No Good yarn colourway - a mottled tonal mix of warm grey/silver, speckled with purple, pink, gold, caramel brown, red, copper and rust. Speckles are random and the scarf is not symmetrical. It is overall a silvery colour with distributed speckling.

This is a mulberry silk shawl/wrap, handwoven, soft, light, elegant and uniquely hand-dyed. I have been wearing my scarf version for a couple of years now and I love it! It is light, strong and fine, delicate but very wearable. This is NOT Habotai silk and appears more rustic with occasional small slubs, imperfect strands and slightly uneven weaving. It is finished with twisted thread tassels on each end. Please see close-up pictures. The item in the photographs is the scarf you will receive and though I dye using the recipe for my yarn colourway, each is unique.

Must be gently hand washed and air dried followed by a light pressing with an iron while damp or misted while ironing.